Brand: american green travel
name: Soteria


  • Material: Ramie
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Uni-body carry handles 
  • Lightweight and wide-body
  • TSA combination locks 
  • 8-wheel double spinners
  • Expandable zipper
  • Telescopic lock handle
  • Interior organizers


  • 29 inch: 29 x 21 x 12 (9.3 lb)
  • 25 inch: 25 x 19 x 10.5 (7.7 lb)
  • 19 inch: 19 x 15 x 9.5 (6.2 lb)




Black / Blue / Grey / Purple



Anti-theft Zippers

A double layer of zippers prevents punctures from sharp objects. 


SL168_Grey_Stitch Handle copy.jpg

Uni-body Carry Handles

The top and side carry handles forgo rivets. Instead, stitched reinforcements provide extra durability and a sleek, uni-body design. 



TSA Combination Lock

The SL168 includes built-in TSA combination locks. Combinations can be reset and customized per user preference.   

SL168_Blue_TSA Lock copy.jpg

SL168_Black_Wheels copy.jpg

8-wheel Double Spinners

Spinner wheels allow 360° maneuvering. Coupled with durable composition, the wheels easily roll over obstacles and reduce impact.