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Welcome to Prima World

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Based in Los Angeles, Prima USA Travel Inc designs and manufactures suitcases, bags, and travel accessories, always with the traveler in mind. Each curve of the mold, each beveled edge, each design element and accent serves a purpose, whether fashion, function, or in many cases, both.

Prima houses an extensive catalog of luggage for all market tiers. Our products can be found on shopping sites throughout the US as well as department stores and other local independent travel goods and specialty stores.

Although Prima has its own signature pieces (such as the premium collection Melrose S and Denali from American Green Travel, Jewel and Trésor from Puíche, and the crowd-favorite Gem from AMKA), all the products are customizable.

Have ideas for your next best-selling luggage and travel bag? Reach out to us and we'll help you create yours.


A trusted brand for twenty plus years and backed by a ten-year warranty, American Green Travel is Prima's premier range of luggage, catering to the most discerning traveler.


With a wide variety of constructions (polycarbonate hard shell, scratch-resistant ABS, or soft yet sturdy polyester) and features (360° spinner wheels, anti-theft zippers, intuitive and quick-lock telescopic handles), this line is a true traveler's dream luggage.

AGT Denali (AL218) Yellow (1).jpeg

A careful balance of style and substance is the recipe to Puíche's success.


From the classic glamor of the Trésor to the contemporary elegance of the Jewel, our Puíche (pronounced "peach") line was designed with fashion in mind.

Travel like a fashion legend with these über-chic trunks and cases. 


Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts rejoice!

Vino Via's clever design blends in perfectly wherever vineyard and winery you go to.

The spacious interior of these wine carriers has a special, shock-absorbing lining for your bottles. Remove the lining and you'll get a chic and instantly recognizable spinner suitcase! 

Vino Via Squared (1) The Duo.jpeg
Vino Via

It's no surprise that the mythical creature is AMKA's symbol.


AMKA's suitcases and bags feature a rare combination of quality material and unique design, all priced to maximize your company's margins.


ArgoSport is Prima's trendiest brand.


From weekenders to tote bags, gym bags to backpacks, this fashion-forward collection offers fierce and fabulous prints as well as subtle monochrome and color-blocks.

ArgoSport SQUARED.jpg
Argo Sport
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