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Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to learn about how Prima USA Travel can help your travel business grow through our range of luggage, bags, and travel accessories. 

I'm a B2B/wholesale vendor, how can I get your products for my store?​ serves as an online catalog for our B2B/wholesale customers.

When you're ready to make a purchase, you can use this form to submit an order. We'll review your submission and contact you for additional information (including payment information). 

Don't have time to browse through our entire website? No problem. Click here to view our linesheets and lookbook to see an abbreviated version of the site

I'm not a vendor. I just want to buy a suitcase. Where can I get your products? ​

Please visit for links to our storefronts on shopping sites like Amazon and Macy's. By the way, soon, you'll be able to purchase directly from We're also working on the retail site for Puíche.


Apart from the sites mentioned above, our products can also be found at your local independent travel goods and specialty stores.

How sustainable and ethical are your products?


All of our products are of non-animal origins. Our international contractors have been put through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they adhere to our standard.


We're currently working toward producing more sustainable collections by sourcing materials that leave not only the least amount of carbon footprint but also provide a minimum impact to the community and nature surrounding it.  

Is there a licensing opportunity or a way to do private label?


Absolutely. Contact us and we'll provide a solution to your licensing needs.


I'm a member of the press and I'd like to review your product.


Whether you'd like to review our line of travel bags and accessories, or use them for a (credited) photo or video shoot, or do a research and get some insider info on the travel and travel goods industry, we're here to help.


Reach out to us by filling out our contact form and we'll get back to you.

Do you offer warranty?


Yes. There's a ten-year warranty for all our American Green Travel suitcases, and a one-year warranty for Puíche, Vino Via, AMKA, American Sport Plus, and Argo Sport. 


Please go to our Warranty & Returns page for more information and read this blog post for a supplemental explanation.

Do you ship internationally?


Yes, please reach out to us so we can help you figure out the logistics.

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