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  • Step into a Colorful Summer with Prima

    Denali S in yellow by American Green Travel Beating the Heat with Cool Tones Summer's scorching temperatures

  • Get to Know Prima's Warranty

    When running a business or a company, you have a lot of things going on, from selecting and purchasing inventory and creating a marketing calendar, to scheduling shipment and maintaining your store and or website. Now, imagine doing all of that plus dealing with customers who go back to your store to complain about their broken luggage. Prima USA Travel takes away that extra task by implementing a renewed set of policies to cover the warranty of our brands: American Green Travel, Puíche, AMKA, American Sport Plus, ArgoSport, and Vino Via (launching soon). You can read more about Prima's manufacturing defect warranty here, but here's the short version: American Green Travel luggage: ten years American Green Travel accessories: one year Puíche: ten years AMKA: one year American Sport Plus: one year ArgoSport: one year The warranty for Prima's brands only covers manufacturing defects. Although we stand by our products, we acknowledge that sometimes they don't come out perfectly. And when it happens, you can rely on Prima to take care of it so you have one less thing to worry about. That said, to make this process even easier, we need your help to: Remind your customer to register the product on our site Educate your customer about the possibility of damages caused by other causes Remind your customer to register the product on our site When your customer purchases a Prima USA Travel suitcase, travel bag, or travel accessories from your store, let them know their product is covered by a warranty limited to manufacturing defects. Every item has a tag that shows our website (, as well as the link to register the product and activate the manufacturing defect warranty ( But if it doesn't, you can refer the customer to those links. All the customer needs to register the product to get the manufacturing defect warranty are: Details of the product (name, size, and color - these can be found on the box) The order number Name of your store A legible image of the receipt (this can be a scanned copy or a photo or a screenshot) Once they register their product, they'll get an email with the warranty number. They can use this number to open a damage claim. We've also simplified the damage claim process, making it intuitive and user-friendly. They only need the warranty number and photos of the damages. Educate your customer about the possibility of damages caused by other causes It's easy to blame the damage on the bag being poor quality, but there are also other important factors to consider, such as improper handling by transportation agents and even the customer. According to the Air Travel Consumer Report 2021 written by the US Department of Transportation, American Airlines has the highest number of mishandled bags (average of 7.21 bags out of 1000 in 2021, and 6.30 bags out of 1000 in 2020). On the other end of the spectrum is Allegiant Airlines, with only 1.92 mishandled bags out of 1000 in 2021. For international travels, a report from the UK-based manufacturing company Trifibre (with data from the Civil Aviation Authority) found that out of all 823 claims for broken luggage between 2015 and 2020, the top three airlines responsible for the most damages were Ryanair (13% or 108 claims), Emirates (6% or 47 claims), and Alitalia (5% or 40 claims). Remind your customer to be aware of their airline's policies regarding damaged or mishandled luggage, as each airline has a different set of rules. Think of it as finding out where the exits are at a theater or auditorium, just in case something happens. Sometimes, the customer can also be responsible for the damages, such as dragging the suitcase through rough surfaces like asphalt or pebble paths, dragging the suitcase up and down the stairs, overpacking or underpacking. We'd also like to advise the customer to do the following when changing the TSA lock's combination: write down the code and put it somewhere safe, or take a photo of it and put it in the cellphone's secure folder. As a manufacturer, Prima USA Travel takes pride in proactively helping your luggage business grow by alleviating some of the worries, namely quality control and aftercare. If you have any questions regarding the warranty of our brands, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Pastel Hues for Peak Spring

    Spring (technically) began a month ago, but its beauty and charm are on their way to the top. This season signifies revivals and new beginnings, and we all need a healthy dose of optimism. This is when pastel comes in. Pastel colors (like soft blue) are born when their original color (blue) is diluted with white. This new color becomes a softer, more mellow representation of the original, making it the perfect palette to mark new beginnings. The birth of pastel "Pastel" has two meanings: pastel the art medium and pastel the color chart. As an art medium, the original pastel was a powdered pigment mixed with a binder like gum arabic or glue derived from animals like fish. It was thought to have originated in sixteenth-century Northern Italy. Back then, there were only three colors of this art medium: black, white, and red. Now, there are about 1,600 colors. Pastel the color chart grew in popularity sometime in eighteenth-century Europe when the Rococo style in art and fashion took over. Fashion-wise, this was a turning point from the vibrant and rich fabric-dye hues associated with the upper class. Architecturally speaking, Rococo marked the beginning of a softer, more feminine, and sensual color palette, a contrast from its predecessor, the more masculine Baroque. Madame de Pompadour (the influential mistress of Louis XV) was credited to help birth this movement as she was the patron of many Rococo-style painters, like François Boucher. However, it was Marie Antoinette (wife of France's King Louis XVI) who became more closely associated with pastel colors, and therefore their downfall. The death and rebirth of pastel It was after all Marie Antoinette who notoriously (and allegedly) said, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" or "Let them eat cake" when she was told sometime in 1789 that her French subjects had no bread or food to eat. This quote, whether true or not, highlighted the disconnectedness of the French royalty from the regular citizens. The French Revolution overthrew the Royals and everything associated with them, including Rococo art and architecture, and pastel colors. It wasn't until the roaring twenties that pastel made a comeback, and it decided to stay. Under the dripping bare lilac-trees a large open car...stopped. Daisy's face, tipped sideways beneath a three-cornered lavender hat... In the Great Gatsby (published in 1925), F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about lilacs and lavenders, pastel colors associated with the frivolity of the rich, mimicking their Rococo heyday. The power of pastel lasted and reached its cyclical peak in the fifties after the war. Pastel become the dominant color palette in advertisements as they convey youth, joy, warmth, and optimism. It was visible in all aspects of life, from fashion to architecture to... toilet paper? But through it all, it was the popular 80s television show Miami Vice that arguably truly cemented the popularity of pastel, thanks to its main character, James “Sonny” Crockett's affinity for pastel tees, sports jackets, and suits. Pastel reigned over neon colors and no longer became a feminine color. Current Pastel Nowadays, we acknowledge the power of pastel colors in our lives. They're calming and soothing without dominating. They can both mellow down and pep up the mood. Pastel has gone through many deaths and resurrections that they're no longer just the figurative representation of rebirth, they've become its literal symbol. And as such, they're perfect for spring.

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