Get to Know Prima's Warranty

When running a business or a company, you have a lot of things going on, from selecting and purchasing inventory and creating a marketing calendar, to scheduling shipment and maintaining your store and or website.

Now, imagine doing all of that plus dealing with customers who go back to your store to complain about their broken luggage.

Prima USA Travel takes away that extra task by implementing a renewed set of policies to cover the warranty of our brands: American Green Travel, Puíche, AMKA, American Sport Plus, ArgoSport, and Vino Via (launching soon).

You can read more about Prima's manufacturing defect warranty here, but here's the short version:

American Green Travel luggage: ten years

American Green Travel accessories: one year

Puíche: ten years

AMKA: one year

American Sport Plus: one year

ArgoSport: one year

The warranty for Prima's brands only covers manufacturing defects. Although we stand by our products, we acknowledge that sometimes they don't come out perfectly. And when it happens, you can rely on Prima to take care of it so you have one less thing to worry about.