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  • 2022 Traveler Spending Behavior

    best-selling suitcase lines, Gem and Honeycomb, are at the intersection of quality, price, and looks, a true rarity Varsity Another best-selling mainstay is called Varsity, from American Sport Plus (one of Prima USA Travel's Like all other mid-tiered luggage pieces, The Varsity is constructed with durable and lightweight ABS Varsity's unassuming pillbox design cuts a relaxed look, perfect for that vacation getaway. Like AMKA's Gem, Varsity is also available as a weekender set (cosmetic bag plus a carry-on) and a three-piece

  • Step into a Colorful Summer with Prima

    Varsity in mint by AMKA (three-piece and two-piece) Boosting Mood and Confidence Colors possess a remarkable

  • Soft Side or Hard Side?

    The Varsity collection from American Sport Plus by Prima USA Travel can expand up to 20% so travelers

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