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2022 Traveler Spending Behavior

The travel industry has not only bounced back but comes back swinging in 2022, even with 88,161 canceled flights and 549,942 delayed flights (so far) and pilot strikes. The cruise industry is also seeing multiple cancellations.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), business reports, such as those made by MasterCard and Bank of America, state that consumer demand and spending for travel have not cooled off. Recessions are normally preceded by a decrease of luxury spending, including vacations. However, it's also possible that the perspective regarding vacations has changed now that we've begun to realize how important mental health is. Vacations are no longer viewed as a luxury, but more of a necessity, as a chance to connect with oneself, refresh, and be reinvigorated. Sort of like a more practical and less kitschy Eat, Pray, Love and a more realistic Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

That said, despite a steady rise in travel spending, the average consumer behavior may have shifted when it comes to items like lodging and dining. This is all thanks to the exorbitant increase in gas prices including jet fuel. Travelers don't have a lot of options when it comes to spending money on airplane tickets and gasoline, so they have to cut back on other items, such as dining, lodging, and of course, luggage.

Prima USA Travel designs and manufactures suitcases and travel bags for multiple tiers. From premium luggage with all the bells and whistles like built-in TSA lock and polycarbonate hard shell to budget-friendly travel solutions like rolling duffel bags.

In fact, while mid-tier lines from American Green Travel like the Denali and Andante are still crowd favorites, many of our top-rated luggage items come from AMKA and American Sport Plus, our budget-friendly brands.

Let's take a look at some of luggage options from Prima USA Travel that won't break your customer's bank.

For mid-budget suitcases, we'd recommend Vailor (AG612) and Chester (AG615), both from American Green Travel. The 20" carry-on of both Vailor and Chester can now be purchased separately from the set.


Don't mistake the lightweight ABS construction for flimsiness. Vailor from American Green Travel is a sturdy suitcase with smooth gliding wheels and quick-lock telescopic handle for a seamless roll-carry-roll experience. Despite being a hard-sided suitcase, Vailor suitcases are expandable up to 20% of its original size so travelers can pack more and compress.


This American Green Travel line features all-over diamond grooves, making it look like a rotated chess board. Plus, it covers all the basics your customer needs for a smooth travel experience, from 360 degree double wheels to retractable telescopic handle and expandability. And have we mentioned all American Green Travel luggage gets ten years of manufacturing defect warranty?


AMKA's icon is the unicorn, which is pretty apt considering its two best-selling suitcase lines, Gem and Honeycomb, are at the intersection of quality, price, and looks, a true rarity.

Gem by AMKA is no different. The ABS hard shell has a mold that looks like a diamond cut. It's truly one of a kind and customers would instantly recognize it on the conveyor belt.

This line of AMKA suitcases comes in two sets: the weekender set (one cosmetic case and one carry-on) and a three-piece luggage set (one carry-on, one medium checked suitcase, and one large checked suitcase).


Another best-selling mainstay is called Varsity, from American Sport Plus (one of Prima USA Travel's oldest brands). Like all other mid-tiered luggage pieces, The Varsity is constructed with durable and lightweight ABS. The shell has decorative vinyl straps for a little chic touch.

Varsity's unassuming pillbox design cuts a relaxed look, perfect for that vacation getaway. Like AMKA's Gem, Varsity is also available as a weekender set (cosmetic bag plus a carry-on) and a three-piece set (one carry-on, one medium checked suitcase, and one large checked suitcase).

To browse more items, please visit the Prima USA Travel store or browse the best-seller category.


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