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Crushing on Orange

Prima USA Travel revisited two of our most enduring classic collections, Allegro and Andante (from American Green Travel) and the result is both a slightly subtle change from the original color lineup (for Andante and Allegro) and new colorways (for Andante).

One common thread these renewed collections have is the orange color.

A mix of the primary colors red and yellow, orange inherits the characteristics of its parents. Red signifies passion, love, and strong emotions; whilst yellow evokes optimism and happiness. Orange doesn't serve as a happy medium between red and yellow, it is its own color, and what a gorgeous and vibrant color it is.

When Allegro was first conceived, it already featured an orange set, and it quickly became a hit. Constructed from light and yet durable ABS, the hard-sided suitcase set comes as a carry-on, medium checked, and large checked gliders. It has all the hallmarks of practical luggage: quick-lock telescopic handle, lined roomy interior with zippered divider and mesh pocket, expandability, and double spinner wheels. The Allegro has no TSA locks, making it more appealing to travelers who don't want to deal with the hassle of memorizing the lock combination.

Now, the Allegro (in Orange and in Black, Merlot, Olive, and Navy) is back, and just in time for summer too!

For those looking for just subtle hints of orange as it could be overpowering in some cases, the new colors of Andante is another option.

Andante Blue is an updated version from the previous Blue hint. The new Blue is more royal with a slightly glossier sheen, and less indigo than its original iteration.

Then there's Andante in Charcoal, a new color developed specifically for those looking for a neutral, grey suitcase.

Like all other colors in the Andante collection, the Charcoal and the Blue have accents in contrasting colors. In this case, the contrast is, you guessed it: orange. The American Green Travel badge on the ABS hard side body, zipper teeth, and the spinner wheels of the Blue and Charcoal Andante are in vibrant orange. This distinct characteristic makes the Andante easy to recognize on the conveyor belt.

The seasons are changing again and Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner as it brings Summer along.

And orange just might be that perfect summer color for your store.


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