The Rise of Bleisure

Not only does this word sound odd, but also construction-wise the portmanteau "bleisure" has less "business" and so much more "leisure." But such is the case with 2022, as what many have dubbed the "post-pandemic era." Business travel is back, but some of those travelers may also take a leisurely side trip to make up for the time they weren't able to travel due to the pandemic. Mask restrictions on airlines have been lifted, at least for now, and airline earnings are expected to rise as summer is gradually approaching.

According to the Wall Street Journal, when the Census Bureau conducted a survey in mid-March 2022 among small businesses, 36.3% said they expected to spend business travel over the next six months. The number increased from 33.7% in late December 2021. These businesses believe the best deals are made face-to-face. Take that with a grain of salt, though, since about 32% of the business surveyed said they didn't have business travel expenses.

That's why now is the perfect time to expand your travel section by adding a bleisure (or at least a business) category.

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