The Luggage for Fall Travels

Labor Day is fast approaching and it heralds the end of summer. Leaves will start to turn red and golden brown and temperatures will drop. At Prima's headquarters in Los Angeles, we're anticipating the turning of the season. It's been getting hot with days consistently hitting the 90s, so a respite from all this heat is most welcomed.

However, the end of summer also means the end of summer travels. Soon, the travel buzz will quiet down for just a while before picking up again starting in November. But seeing fewer travelers doesn't mean fall travels are less attractive. On the contrary, some people have been looking forward to traveling in the fall because of these reasons:

Fewer Crowds, Fewer Children

Many summer travelers are families whose children are on their summer break. They decide to go on trips as a unit. And at times, they can be quite a handful. Traveling during the fall when the children are back in school means not having to deal with screaming toddlers and unruly teenagers.

A Cooler Weather

Thanks to the climate crisis, heat waves are becoming more and more frequent. The perpetually gray and cloudy London was hit with three heatwaves this year. The last one produced torrential rains and thunderstorms that caused mass floods. Fall weather is generally cooler, although some parts of the US still hit the high 80s in September.

Foods and Festivals

From the famous Albuquerque International Air Balloon Festival to the seemingly never-ending Oktoberfest in Munich, fall hosts a myriad of festivals. And the food? Well, fall is the best season for apples, cranberries, figs, and of course: pumpkins.